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Client testimonial videos help establish credibility.

They are the best tool there is to establish authority and develop trust with your customers.

A satisfied client’s feedback can be quickly translated into a powerful marketing tool with an authentic, credible and professionally produced testimonial video or case study video.

Hearing directly from those who have benefited from your products and services builds trust and provides credible proof.

Have your client sing your praises.

cap hpi

Aston Barclay, specialists in remarketing cars, partnered with cap hpi to build a new app to improve and increase efficiency of their work-flow without compromising on the quality they’re known for.

cap hpi wanted to highlight the advantages of their car appraisal application by showcasing the app in a video.

The project was something that lent itself perfectly to a testimonial case study video. Created with a mixture of interviews to tell the story and footage of the app in use, highlighting the success of the partnership.

Captivate your target audience and build trust.

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