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We‘ll help you produce high quality Testimonial videos on time and on budget.

We know they are the best tool there is to develop trust with your customers.

A straightforward approach without complicated jargon
A video production system that guides you through the process
A trusted partner delivering engaging video content

Your time is precious.

Don’t spend it trying to be a video production expert.

That's where we help!

Video Production shouldn’t be complicated or stressful

Producing successful and engaging testimonial videos should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

We guarantee you’ll have fun collaborating with us and be Chuffed with the results.

Here’s what it's like to work with us:

You'll be guided through the production process from brief to final delivery

You'll experience our tried and tested system that ensures consistency at every stage of the production 

You'll enjoy having the peace of mind that your project is on budget and on time

We remove uncertainty by taking the time to understand you, your business, your brand and your values

We know how to make people feel really comfortable in front of the camera

We work collaboratively with you to build trust and a lasting relationship

A satisfied customer’s feedback can be quickly translated into a powerful marketing tool with an authentic, credible and professionally produced testimonial video or case study video.

Hearing directly from those who have benefited from your products and services builds trust and provides credible proof.

Have your client sing your praises.

cap hpi

Aston Barclay, specialists in remarketing cars, partnered with cap hpi to build a new app to improve and increase efficiency of their work-flow without compromising on the quality they’re known for.

cap hpi wanted to highlight the advantages of their car appraisal application by showcasing the app in a video.

The project was something that lent itself perfectly to a testimonial case study video. Created with a mixture of interviews to tell the story and footage of the app in use, highlighting the success of the partnership.

Finding a trusted partner to manage your video budget can be daunting. So here's our promise to you:

We’ll help you produce a testimonial video that works. And we promise you’ll have fun during the Process. Because video production doesn't need to be complicated.