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Engaging training videos that will keep your audience watching.

Simplify complicated content and keep viewers attention

The biggest challenge with any type of training video or educational video is to keep your audience watching and engaged. Training professionals are always looking for different techniques to deliver content and keep their viewers attention. 

ClearBoard training videos help solve this problem in more ways than one. They are the perfect tool for breaking down complex information and training material or bringing dull and boring PowerPoint decks to life.


FoxTech are infrastructure security experts that specialise in complex enterprise network solutions.  But of course their potential clients aren’t necessarily experts in the field.

FoxTech’s objective was to simplify and explain the security solutions they provide in an easy to follow, bitesize format and help clients understand their security solutions with ease.

Enter CleardBoard…

We hadn’t seen a technology like ClearBoard anywhere else that would help us simplify the complex ideas we wanted to discuss in our videos. The team at Chuffed broke down the whole video production process into simple, understandable, steps and methods and when you put that together with the ClearBoard technology it's really powerful. Chuffed are really efficient at explaining and helping you on the production journey, as well as having the tools that enable you to create a top quality result."

Bring your training content to life.

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