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Showcase your brand's Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

Bring to life the hard work and passion behind your brands CSR policy with captivating video content

There’s no better way to bring to life your Corporate Social Responsibility initiative than with thoughtfully crafted video content.

Storytelling through video is emotive, dynamic and is an immediate way to demonstrate the energy and spirit of a project.

The Gap Partnership

The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy specialising in negotiation. 

On a recent trip to Mexico they partnered with the charity Keeping Kids in School (KKIS), a charity that aims to do just that. 

This video documents the initiative and showcases the collective drive and positive energy that The Gap Partnership team were able to harness, and that enabled them to transform a school environment in a matter of just a few hours.

The video is now on The Gap Partnership’s website acting as a powerful tool to communicate the company’s culture and CSR activities to potential new talent, partners and investors.

To share the story of your CSR policy through engaging video

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