Did you know that it’s increasingly common for people to watch videos without sound? One study concluded that 80% of consumers would finish watching a video if subtitles were included. That’s only one reason why you should add subtitles to your video.

You might be on a train and have come across a video online that looks interesting, but you don’t want to be that person who blares the video for everyone around to hear too – no one likes that person – so what do you do? You mute the video and turn on the subtitles. Easy peasy! You don’t miss out on anything important because you can see all the visuals and you can read everything that’s being said out loud. Adding subtitles to your video is convenient for you and for the people around you who don’t want to hear the video you’re watching.

What about the audience that are not able to hear? There’s a whole demographic that is missing out on what you have to say because subtitles aren’t included. You don’t know who could watch your video, but you should cater to as large an audience as you can.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some sites like YouTube that automatically add subtitles for you. This is less time consuming and cost effective, but they’re not made for your video or brand. You can add subtitles that are in a font that fits your brand and have them situated where you want on the screen so no visuals get missed. If you have automated subtitles, they can be sat anywhere on the screen and you have no control over this, not to mention, words/names/titles can be misspelled and this cannot be changed.

Having your production partner take time during post-production to add subtitles that are personalised to your company’s brand, means that these issues can be resolved before they even become a problem for you. The production partner can best advise on having closed captions – the audience having the choice to turn the subtitles on or off – or having open captions – having the subtitles permanently sat in the video.

Ultimately of course the choice is yours, but subtitles being added in during post-production is an easy solution to attract a wider audience.

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