You’re planning your video, you know the content you want to capture, you know the objectives you want to achieve, and you understand the subject matter so you might think “I’ll just write the script”. It’s understandable – you’re the expert in your field, you know what needs to be achieved more than anyone else, right? Well yes, but that doesn’t mean that by writing it yourself you’ll reach the optimal script.

A professional scriptwriter inherently understands the unique challenges of writing for video. So, what are the benefits of using a professional and why is script writing essential to video production.

  • They understand the production process
    Video scriptwriters are experienced in filmmaking. They understand how the process lends itself to achieve the ultimate goal, they know what every team member does and specifically, how they work, whether that’s a camera operator, lighting technician or Director and they write to utilise and take advantage of these skills. They work directly with this team and optimise their script to work best with the parameters of what can and will be shot, and they do this without compromising the final output.
  • They write for the spoken word
    Most authors – be that (either) of fiction, instructional manuals, or training material – write their words to be read but scriptwriters write their words to be performed. They write for the spoken word. The way they form their sentences is with the objective of helping the talent to perform the words in the way they are intended and therefore with audience interpretation in mind.
  • They get to the point
    In other words, they cut a long story short. Keeping messaging concise but not losing meaning is a skill. It requires an editorial mindset that can communicate meaning, emotion, and facts in an engaging and digestible way. And in video digestible often means limiting the length for maximum impact.
  • They marry words with visuals and sound
    Image can be an instant shortcut to an idea, a feeling or a message. Getting to the point in the simplest and most engaging way, means knowing when to utilise your visuals and using them to the full potential. They know that music or a sprinkling of sound design can immediately elevate or change the meaning of words and they know how to write holistically with the whole ‘picture’ in mind.
  • They know the rules
    Yes, perfect grammar is important. But knowing when these rules can be broken in order to achieve a natural and engaging performance is just as critical. Colloquialisms, informal language and authentic dialogue adds credibility to a script and helps to avoid a stunted and forced performance. They will also take their time to understand any language specific to your brand or industry to seamlessly and naturally work this into the script.
  • They know how to write for an audience
    Professional scriptwriters know how to tailor your message and adjust tone of voice to connect with your audience. Subtle nuances and tiny language tweaks can mean the difference between an audience thinking “this video is for me” or losing interest. An idea, concept or product that you know inside out might feel very obvious to you but that’s not necessarily the case for your audience. A video scriptwriter will be able to view these objectively and pinpoint areas of potential confusion, misunderstanding and unnecessary fluff. They will strategically add words where needed and importantly strip words where they aren’t.
  • They are storytellers
    To communicate a message that people will remember and most importantly, act upon, you need a video that drives your message home in a compelling way. Essentially, you are telling a story with a beginning (context), a middle (the meat of the story) and an end (a call to action). At the bones of it, storytelling is a scriptwriters job and they can build an interesting narrative with the driest of material.

There is always huge value to be added by working with a professional video scriptwriter on your video. It can mean the difference between a video that ticks all the boxes but somehow still misses the mark, and one that inspires an audience to act on the message you communicate.

At Chuffed, we’re experienced with working with businesses and brands and getting under the hood of their services. That means we’re able to identify the sort of scriptwriter that’ll work for you, your business and the result you’re looking to achieve with your video. Get in touch with the team and we’d be happy to discuss your options when it comes to scriptwriting, voice overs, actors and your video project as a whole.

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