COVID continues on and it doesn’t look like restrictions of some kind will be in place for some time to come. So what are we doing in the meanwhile? Well, we are in fact still able to and allowed to film under the current lockdown guidelines both here in our studio and on location, of course whilst strictly adhering to the industry guidelines.

But although we are allowed, we understand that many people simply won’t feel comfortable filming in person right now no matter how diligently the crew and contributors follow the guidelines. Often though, that doesn’t mean that deadlines can be pushed. So what alternatives do we have for you if video content is still required video immediately?

  1. Raise the production values when self recording content and optimise your video calls. Whether that be by hiring equipment or us helping you get the best out of what you already have, optimising your lighting or using specialist software to elevate live webinars there are some simple tips and tricks you can leverage to get the most out of self filming or presenting over Zoom. Look out for our upcoming blog post on just that.
  2. Animated explainer videos. The beauty of motion graphics and animation is that from brief to delivery everything can be done remotely. If messaging and concepts are best communicated visually but live action is not feasible then animation is a great choice to fill this gap as it can be used to represent anything from products, to ideas and complex concepts. Voice Overs can be recorded safely and remotely and sound design can be used to elevate the visuals, again without the need of any face to face interactions.
  3. Professional Presenters or Actors. If it’s not possible to film with your planned contributor then a professional presenter or actor can be filmed instead. They are experienced at learning lines, taking direction and, with expert guidance, language specific to your industry won’t be a problem.

We get it though, sometimes the only way is an in-person shoot. When this is the case our priority is to de-risk every aspect of the production process. The way to do this is rigorous but simple.

  • We use minimal crew on every shoot – for most shoots this means the contributor will be on-set with just two crew members (a Director/Producer and Camera OP) – if we can we will reduce this even further to just one Director/Producer and operate equipment remotely from a secondary room.
  • Anyone that enters the building will be checked for a fever, be asked to register on track and trace using our QR code, and be required to maintain a 2m distance and wear the appropriate PPE where possible. Hygiene stations are available throughout the building and of course all surfaces wiped with disinfectant regularly.
  • We understand that it’s often important for stakeholders to have input during the recording so we can set up a live feed to connect team members remotely over video link.

In summary, if Video Production is what you need and when you need it is now then there will be a solution that meets your needs. Reach out to us and we can discuss the best solution for your project.

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