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The Gap Partnership


Showcasing The Gap Partnership’s Impactful Initiatives with Video Production

The Gap Partnership is a management consultancy specialising in negotiation. Their team of consultants support organisations globally to maximise their negotiation outcomes, increase profitability and reduce cost. In January 2020 they were in the process of introducing a new CSR strategy when the entire company – around 200 people – visited Mexico to attend a week-long global company meeting.

During their visit, they partnered with a local charity, Keeping Kids in School (KKIS), which works to prevent the widespread issue of children dropping out of school when free education ends at the age of 14.

We had flown to Mexico with the team to film another project together, so when they asked us if we would also film them working on the project with KKIS, of course we said yes. This project turned out to be something quite special, as it involved a “DIY-SOS”-style swoop into a local school in Cancun to perform a makeover on every aspect of it, including painting the playground and other exterior areas, creating a library, landscaping the gardens, and even building a basketball court.

The Gap Partnership


While there’s a lot to be said for journaling an event, it can’t compare to the power of the moving image and what is captured on film on the day. On this particular day, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable and impacted everyone involved, from the students to The Gap Partnership volunteers, and even our own crew.

But we also had a serious job to do, and in order to do the day justice we needed to be agile. We had to ensure that the crew filmed the priceless interactions between the volunteers and children, as well as all of the practical activities taking place.

Having spent time with The Gap Partnership colleagues prior to filming, we were able to identify who would perform well on camera to convey the spirit of the project and provide the richest content for interviews. We were also mindful to ensure that filming the participants didn’t distract them from the experience, but rather became a positive element of it.

The Gap Partnership


The footage that we ended up with was both emotive and dynamic, showcasing the collective drive and positive energy that The Gap Partnership team were able to harness, and that enabled them to transform the school environment in a matter of just a few hours.

Because of the success of the day, the team were keen to quickly see a first edit and asked us for it within 24 hours. A big ask? Perhaps, but we were delighted to be able to fulfil this requirement, delivering a film in time for The Gap Partnership’s annual Gala Awards Dinner the following night.

We were privileged to witness the emotional reception that the film received from the entire company, who were still on a high from their actions the day before.

The film is now on The Gap Partnership’s website acting as a powerful tool to communicate the company’s culture and CSR activities to potential new talent, partners and investors.

“Film is the most engaging and impactful way for us to relive and share these types of rich experiences. No other medium comes close.”
Emma Weare
Head of Brand Content
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