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Increasing course completion rates with ForgeRock’s ClearBoard training videos

ForgeRock University offers world-class certifications designed to validate and recognise IT professionals with the technical capabilities and real-world experience needed to effectively design, deploy, and manage ForgeRock technology based identity solutions.

In other words it trains and certifies IT professionals managing ForgeRock products and can be done so all around the world.

However, not everyone can make it to a classroom, so ForgeRock needed to bring the classroom to its students, in the form of an online self-paced learning course.

The problem is, when it comes to online learning courses – no matter if they’re self-paced – if they’re not engaging, monotonous or hard to follow, most students are going to find themselves disinterested and disheartened, which means they probably won’t finish it and won’t become certified.

ForgeRock’s brief was to improve the quality of the overall production of their self-paced learning courses, and enable them to deliver complex and highly detailed virtual training programmes in an effective and engaging way using video.



When it comes to captivating training videos, ClearBoard delivers by placing the presenter at the forefront of the video – ensuring eye contact, a personable approach with a forward-facing presenter and a whiteboard style screen, which enables the presenter to write and draw on for the viewer to read with ease.

ClearBoard enables interaction with diagrams, pictures, graphics and much more, to both aid the presenter in their explanations and demonstrations, but make it easier to breakdown and understand complex information for the viewer to digest at their own pace.

This allowed ForgeRock’s experts to step in front of the camera like they might a classroom and deliver their training programmes across a series of training videos within a studio step up.



By applying broadcast production values and including motion graphics, animating slides, multiple cameras and the introduction of our ClearBoard video production system, we helped ForgeRock make content that was more engaging, kept the viewers attention and increased learning retention.

ForgeRock’s University courses have seen completion rates increased by over 35% and are effectively bridging the gap between physical and online learning.

They’re also future proofing their content and making it more accessible to businesses, reducing potential fees by taking their courses online and making their product available to companies and people who need access all around the world.

“You’ve helped us capture something that is engaging, that really brings technical training to life and is keeping people’s attention.”
Kevin Streater
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