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FoxTech’s Explainer Video Series Using ClearBoard

An explainer video series to bring the need for Endpoint Cyber Security to life

FoxTech are infrastructure security experts that specialise in complex network solutions. Their independent, friendly and deeply specialised approach to consultancy sees them provide advice, assurance and solutions to help their clients make informed decisions about their future technical roadmap, and the challenges they may face.

However, that doesn’t mean that their potential clients need to be experts in the field too.

FoxTech’s objective was to explain the often complex security solutions they provide in a simple, bitesize format, that would showcase FoxTech’s expertise and experience in running the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure.

Knowing that their brilliant team of experts are their biggest asset, they wanted to bring their honest and friendly consultancy to the screen, to help clients of all shapes and sizes understand their security solutions with ease.

Enter CleardBoard…



Our ClearBoard video production system

Statistics, data and technical diagrams are all things that lend themselves perfectly to presenting using our ClearBoard solution. IT concepts can be displayed clearly whilst maintaining that all important eye contact with the audience.

CleardBoard makes it super easy to simplify complicated content with a forward-facing whiteboard. It builds a connection between the learner and the presenter. Whether it’s to explain a complicated solution or to work through stages of employee training, ClearBoard keeps learners engaged and allows them to learn at their own, steady pace.

For FoxTech, it’s allowed their technical team of experts to present the complexity of their network solutions with ease – acting like a face-to-face meeting, where the trainer and the learner — in FoxTech’s case potential new clients — stay engrossed with the interactive and involved approach that ClearBoard offers.



Increased engagement on LinkedIn with a simple sales tool to attract new customers

FoxTech use their CleardBoard videos to build their social media presence, which is currently still in its infancy but is having positive results already.

Using ClearBoard, their future-proofed explainer videos captivate potential new clients and allow their community of followers to engage with, and ask questions about the solutions discussed in each video. Each video introduces the technical team of experts who new clients will be engaging with, putting a face to a name and building that initial rapport for future business relationships from the offset.

As videos are considered so highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm, the explainer series is not only boosting brand awareness but proving FoxTech’s authority when it comes to complex network solutions, with their in-depth expertise and easy to follow explanations.

“ClearBoard is the perfect tool for us. Our content can be complex and we needed a way to simplify it. ClearBoard did that for us - it was a quick and easy to use solution to a problem we thought would have a time consuming and production heavy answer. We didn’t even need to learn to write back to front!”
Iain Gibbons
Managing Director
foxtech logo in colour