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The Gap Partnership


Elevating The Gap Partnership’s Brand Awareness & Expertise

In the past The Gap Partnership’s Global CEO, Graham Botright, would have been a regular keynote speaker at international events and live venues but the pandemic put a halt to that, like most things.

The Gap Partnership’s expertise remains as relevant as ever. Graham wanted to discuss the role that their consultancy plays in supporting businesses with negotiation needs — specific to the time of the pandemic — sharing the learnings they have made throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Without the ability to do this face-to-face, Graham knew he needed an alternative means to share this insight, without losing the engagement and focus of a captivate audience. They knew that a Podcast wouldn’t work or a live stream, as it meant that their viewers couldn’t digest the content at their own pace or build connection by being able to physically see the presenter.

The Gap Partnership


That’s when The Gap Partnership got in touch with Chuffed about our green screen capabilities and our in-house video production studio.

By using a green screen, we were able to remove environmental distractions to keep the viewer focused, bridging the gap between the presenter and the viewer, keeping them as engaged with content as they would be in person. Creating a video as opposed to a live stream, it allowed viewers to consume content at their own pace but still feel a connection with the person delivering it – as well as facilitating the use of motion graphics alongside the presenter, such as bullet points relating to their discussion points.

We all know that video content is the most engaging way to deliver and share informative information, especially in an ever evolving world of clicks and swipes. Focused, talking head videos give brands the opportunity to show who they are as a company, as well as deliver their expertise in a format that’s easy to engage with and effortless to consume.

However, being an impressive and confident public speaker at live events, is a very different skill to performing for a camera. We’ve all been there but using our expertise, process and specialist guidance here at Chuffed, Graham and his team understood and trusted we were there to bring out his best on-camera delivery.

The Gap Partnership


What resulted was a set of films showcasing Graham’s expert observations on what has set those companies thriving in a post-Covid world apart from their competitors.

The Gap Partnership’s key objective was to elevate the brand, and reinforce their expertise. Using social channels such as LinkedIn to share the films has boosted brand awareness, as well as reaching new audiences that wouldn’t necessarily have had the opportunity to attend one of Graham’s events – positioning The Gap Partnership as an authority in negotiation and management consultancy.

Speaking with the team, we are pleased to hear that they have found that the production quality of the films has really helped to further uplift their content, increasing positive digital and social engagement, whilst maintaining that connection between Graham and captivated audiences.

“The reality is that the Chuffed team make sure all our contributors feel really at ease on camera, and look really good.”
Ann Marie Costello
Chief Marketing Officer
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